Getting Started with the API

API Overview

Our API is RESTful and HTTP based. All resources use HTTP standard verbs return JSON data.

The main API endpoint for Torrent Suite™ Software is /rundb/api/v1/. This endpoint returns a JSON object containing information for each resource available from the API. To see each resource’s list endpoint, go to /rundb/api/v1/resource-name/ . To see each resource’s schema, go to /rundb/api/v1/resource-name/schema/.


To use the API you need to authenticate as an existing Torrent Suite™ Software user. To see API keys for each Torrent Suite™ Software user, go to /admin/tastypie/apikey/ . You must include an API key with every API request. There are two methods:

As a header. Format is Authorization: ApiKey <username>:<api_key> Authorization: ApiKey daniel:204db7bcfafb2deb7506b89eb3b9b715b09905c8

As GET params


Use the order_by GET param to specify a field to sort returned objects. Add a - character in front of the field name to switch the sort direction from ascending order (the default) to descending order. You can use most fields of an object to sort.


Perform basic filtering by using a GET param with the same name as an object field. Using name=alexander only returns objects with a name field of “alexander”.

Use more advanced filters by appending the correct suffix to the GET param. The suffix consists of __ plus one of the filters that follow. Using name__startswith=alex only returns objects with a name field starting with “alex”.

Filter Description
exact Exact match.
iexact Case-insensitive exact match.
contains Case-sensitive containment test.
icontains Case-insensitive containment test.
in In a given list. Comma delimited.
gt Greater than.
gte Greater than or equal to.
lt Less than.
lte Less than or equal to.
startswith Case-sensitive starts-with.
istartswith Case-insensitive starts-with.
endswith Case-sensitive ends-with.
iendswith Case-insensitive ends-with.
range Range test (inclusive).
year Exact year match (date fields).
month Exact month number match (date fields).
day Exact day number match (date fields).
week_day Exact week day number match. 1-7. Sunday=1 (date fields).
hour Exact hour match. 0-23. (date fields).
minute Exact minute match. 0-59. (date fields).
second Exact second match. 0-59. (date fields).
isnull Null check. True or False.
regex Case-sensitive regular expression match.
iregex Case-insensitive regular expression match.